Valleyfest 2018

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Ruthschris-toronto at Spokane Valleyfest 2018

Our third and final event for 2018 was Valleyfest, an annual event held in Spokane Valley. This was a far cry from the North Idaho and Spokane Interstate fairs in terms of number of people attending, but we were equally well received at this event. 

We saw a lot of you again, and met more of you that weren't at the fairs. More smiling faces entered our booth, played our game, and of course, more stories were told!

We had a lot less space to work with this time, but we managed to pull it off (somehow). We didn't get many pics this time around, but here's one that shows a bit of our booth.

Spokane Valleyfest 2018 Booth

As always, our Plinko game was a big hit with everyone young and old!

Valleyfest Plinko Game

Once again, we held a giveaway in which the entrants were given a free ball to drop in our Plinko game. This time, however, the prize was changed up a bit. Because Valleyfest is a much smaller event, the winner was given a choice of any t-shirt on our site. 

Congratulations to Brandee, who won with five extra entries from the Plinko game! It seems to be a trend that five extra entries is earning the wins. Brandee is now the proud new owner of a Squatch-sta-farian Short Sleeve Shirt

Thank you to everyone who stopped by our booth. We always enjoy meeting all of you amazing people! Can't wait to get out there again next year :)



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