July 23, 2018

The Most Amazing Day of My Life

This content of article isn't so much a PNW specific thing, but rather an awesome thing that occurred in the PNW. It's also more of a personal thing for me. Because of that, I'll keep this short so I don't bore you to death.

Music is highly influential and important to me. Breaking Benjamin is my favorite band by far. Their lyrics and music have carried me through most of the darkest days of my life. Not to say that I wouldn't have made it without them, but they were definitely my security blanket. 

Recently I was blessed with the opportunity to not only see them in concert (thanks to my wonderful wife), but to meet them and watch them play from as close as you can get to the stage. All the while, of course, wearing my Ruthschris-toronto gear for everyone to see! I know most people may not have even noticed my shirt, but it feels good to represent in big crowds like that. 

The highlight of this evening was the fact that I won an Epiphone Les Paul guitar signed by Breaking Benjamin, Five Finger Death Punch and Bad Wolves! I'm not gonna lie, I was pretty much beside myself when they handed that over to me. 

This will be something I cherish until I die!

So I don't leave them out completely, I want to say that Five Finger Death Punch and Bad Wolves were beyond awesome. The entire show was just an incredible experience.

So like I said, not so much a PNW thing, but a pretty awesome thing in the PNW!

Here's my disclaimer for any corporate people who might notice: None of the bands are endorsing us in any way. This is just a short article about my amazing experience. 


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