March 09, 2018

Over the past year we have learned a lot about building a business, as well as creating a meaningful and recognizable brand. One of the main things we realized was that we started with too many options. This made it hard for you as the consumer to determine who or what we were trying to represent.

Our fancy statistical data showed us that you guys seem to love our PNW and Bigfoot stuff far more than any of the styles or themes. This was a super exciting revelation for us, because we love PNW too! We're all born and raised here, so we were stoked to make the easy decision to focus on PNW themed designs going forward.

And just like that, Ruthschris-toronto was born! We spent a lot of time coming up with a cool new logo that has already received some great positive feedback. The new logo is being implemented in various places already, so that we can start building recognition for it.

What are we trying to do?

We do realize that there are a lot of options out there for PNW gear. Our goal is to come up with some of the best and most unique designs. You can see this already in our logo.

Ruthschris-toronto Logo - Blog Page

We know that our round logo has been very popular. And it is different than most others in various ways. However, there are a lot of round PNW logos and designs with the crossing arrows. Our new Ruthschris-toronto logo deviates from that style completely, bringing you something totally new.

Over time we will be eliminating various designs from our shop, as well as updating others to be more in-line with our new vision. Don’t worry, Around the PNW will stick around.

Around the PNW - Blog Post Image

We know you guys love that one! It will likely get a solid letter treatment for the PNW part of the image as we’ve found that it prints better that way.

There will be some new designs popping up during the transition. After the transition is done, we should be able to really start bringing great new things to the store!

What does this mean for Cloud 9 Expressions?

Throughout the month you will see various changes to Cloud 9 Expressions, starting with the website name itself. In the beginning, we will be phasing out instances of Cloud 9 Expressions from the website. Then we will work on all of the behind the scenes items, such as marketplaces, admin stuff and things like that.

In the meantime, when you order Ruthschris-toronto items you may still see Cloud 9 Expressions on some of the printed material or in your billing transactions. Please don’t be alarmed by this.

There will always be Cloud 9 Expressions

Because Cloud 9 Expressions LLC is our registered business name, there will be some things that can not be changed to Ruthschris-toronto. What this whole thing means is that Ruthschris-toronto is a brand that is owned by Cloud 9 Expressions. You as our customer should only see Ruthschris-toronto in the places you care about. Cloud 9 will show up in the fine print. Things like terms and conditions, legal items and stuff like that.

Ruthschris-toronto - Shirts Blog Image

We Hope You Love Ruthschris-toronto

Tell us what you think

If you actually read this far down the page, there’s a good chance that you do love Ruthschris-toronto! We’ll be doing our best to bring you PNW apparel and other things that you’ll be proud to own. Please share your thoughts and give us any feedback that comes to mind. Your input makes the biggest difference in what we can bring to you!

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